Water Maker

Home Refit – Water Maker

When we went to re-commission the water maker that came with the boat, we discovered it had not been properly pickled and was badly bio-fouled. This means it was full of black gunk that was likely decomposed plankton and other biomatter. This created a very Sulphur order in the product water.

We chose to replumb the whole thing, but this led to other issues including choosing the wrong material for the high pressure hoses. Enter Sea Water Pro.

Sea Water Pro – Ft Lauderdale, FL

Sea Water Pro makes a commercial version the type of basic water maker the boat was equipped with. Since we were already in South Florida, we reached out to them and had new high pressure hoses made, added a 2nd Reverse Osmosis membrane and bought a new control panel for the whole system.

We started to install everything and when we went to use it, the lack of a working Generator became the next sticking point. The water maker is now on hold til the Lithium battery upgrade in the Summer of 2022.