Sugar Scoop

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Fairhaven Shipyard – Fairhaven, MA

When the swim platform was added to the stern, we didn’t realize how much drag it added. Once we were sailing and looked back at it, we realized it acted as a drag brake on the back when we were heeled over. The idea of the Sugar Scoop, extending the lines of the hull around the swim platform, was born.

Lee called around to various shipyards prior to us heading north until he decided we would get the work done in Fairhaven, MA, at the Fairhaven Shipyard. They were one of the few shipyards that could handle a boat our size and all the work we wanted to get done over the summer. And their prices were reasonable.

Lee discussed the work to be done with the guys doing the work, and they went to work. As part of this work, they moved the hinge point on the swim platform to coincide with where the sugar scoop would intersect the platform. This shortens the height of the part that swings up.

The sugar scoop has returned almost a knot of speed back to the boat.