Custom Fabrication – 2022

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RADAR/ Starlink Mount

Objective – Move the RADAR Mount from the mast where the Jib was hitting it to behind and above the Solar Arch and provide a place to mount a Starlink Antenna

Brian at Fairhaven Shipyard worked with Lee to design a great solution as you can see. The Starlink pole is fixed inside of a tube that is just the right inside diameter to hold the stock Starlink mount. The power and data wires are run down the mount and into the wire races in the Solar panel arch and down into the Lazzarettes.

Masthead Mount

Objective – needed to mount a 2nd VHF antenna as well as accommodate 2 cameras. Needed to also account for the existing wind indicator and wind instrument.

Brian took the antenna mount that Erny had originally created and built it into a brand new mast head cap. We ran into some clearance issues with the original wind indicator (it needed to be retired anyway) so had to add an extension to provide the clearance for it and the masthead light. The Garmin camera is mounted and faces down and forward. There is room and already wiring in place to support the FLIR camera in the future.

Helm Station Instrument Panel

Objective – provide a home for a new switch panel and move the engine instrumentation up where it was easily seen.

We have been thinking about this project for over a year. Originally we just mounted an aluminum bar on the Helm support to hold the 2 chart plotters and Radio Hand Set. This worked fine for the first year, but we had bigger plans.

Ideally this would have been made out of fiberglass or Starboard, but we ran out of time and cobbled something together using Marine Plywood coated in Flex Seal rubberized waterproof sealer.

We mounted a new electrical switch sub panel to accommodate:

  • New Fuel Polisher switch
  • Fuel Transfer pump switch (moved from under the berth)
  • Horn
  • New Stern salt water rinse (think cleaning up after cleaning fish)
  • Switch for Spotlights on the bow
  • there are some spares for future growth (good idea fairy never sleeps on this boat)

We also wanted to move the engine monitoring up to where we could see it. This became much more interesting as we dug into the existing wiring and the factory wiring diagram. When all was said and done, we installed a new 3 position switch panel and then used the existing Hobbs Meter. The 2 switches are for the Glow Plugs, Start/Run and Stop.

There is also a new alarm controller from Yacht devices that has an acknowledgement push button that needed a home.

To all of this we added a couple of radio handset clips, 2 speakers (alarms and radio), the chart plotter mounts, a tablet mount on top and behind and finally 4 cup holders.

Right now this is still considered version 2.5 with a nicer version 3 when I have more time and access to materials or a craftsman that can make something nicer. But for now this is much better than anything we’ve had to date.