Refit 2023

Home Refit – Refit 2023

Autopilot Commissioning – Mar 2023

The Garmin Autopilot designed to drive a hydraulic ram attached to the rudder quadrant is very sensitive to electrical connections. First the length of the 12VDC line that runs from the autopilot head to the hydraulic pump is very length sensitive. DO NOT adjust its length!

Garmin provided a software update a week or so ago and that may or may not have contributed to finally getting through the setup wizards. We were able to calibrate the electronic/ satellite compass to 92% effectiveness.

Water maker – Mar 2023

The watermaker membranes are likely compromised as the TDS count is too large for the pressures being used. The 15amp breaker is also tripping at about 800 PSI, so we’ve purchased a larger breaker. Results TBD

Starlink – Feb 2023

The connections are very sensitive to corrosion. Still working towards the 12VDC power source and bypassing the Starlink Router.

Ships Network – Jan 2023

Replaced primary router with a new one (ASUS WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000)) that can host the NordVPN agent so everything on the boat can still access US based servers that are geofenced.