Logs – 2024

Jan 2024

It’s been an interesting month. The relationship with the new AA Divers owners is very much a work in progress.

Brownie is now working on the beach as Beach Attendant to help build a kitty for our planned May Haul out.

Boat projects are mostly in the acquisition mode – that is acquiring all the parts/ pieces/ knowledge to do them.

Planned projects include:

  1. Pressure switches for the fresh water and salt water wash pumps – need a trip to Home Depot at some point!
  2. Propane to Electric Conversion for the galley – this is a more long term project but we really want to do it!
  3. Lower Rudder Bearing – we understand this a bit better and will be ordering the parts in the coming months
  4. Keel cooler for the freezer – yup gotta order that part…
  5. RO Membranes for the water maker need to be replaced…

Feb/ Mar/ Apr 2024

We worked to build up our haul-out kitty and have now moved into almost full-time logistics planning and work. Haul-out is now 3 Jun on the island of Carriacou at Tyrell Bay.

It’s been a good season with Lee surpassing last season’s Scuba student count to include some Open Water, Adv Open water and some specialty students. And LOTS of Basic Diver intro courses. Lee also worked with a second Scuba Shop Aqua Marine.

As we write this at the end of April we have purchased most of what we plan to need for haulout and are navigating getting it shipped and transported onto our boat so we can take everything with us.

The diving has been slow in April so we’ve started the boat projects early – especially as we have acquired needed parts. So our get a jump on things list includes:

  • Fresh water pressure switch install – our fresh water pump is automatic once again!
  • Removal of the Starboard Berth door and frame in preparation for the galley carpentry work
  • Removal (and sale) of the Force 10 propane range. The new combo oven is on St Thomas and waiting to be released from Customs

Lee also traveled up to FL to bring back a bunch of items that could not be easily shipped and to finalize ordering many of the parts/ pieces that we will be using during haulout.

May 2024