Logs – 2024

Jan 2024

It’s been an interesting month. The relationship with the new AA Divers owners is very much a work in progress.

Brownie is now working on the beach as Beach Attendant to help build a kitty for our planned May Haul out.

Boat projects are mostly in the acquisition mode – that is acquiring all the parts/ pieces/ knowledge to do them.

Planned projects include:

  1. Pressure switches for the fresh water and salt water wash pumps – need a trip to Home Depot at some point!
  2. Propane to Electric Conversion for the galley – this is a more long term project but we really want to do it!
  3. Lower Rudder Bearing – we understand this a bit better and will be ordering the parts in the coming months
  4. Keel cooler for the freezer – yup gotta order that part…
  5. RO Membranes for the water maker need to be replaced…