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Jan 2023

As stated in Dec 2022, we dropped anchor in Secret Harbor, St Thomas, USVI, and Lee started working for Aqua Action dive shop here. But the boat projects have not stopped. We’ve replaced the autopilot and the fresh water pump, so far. Also, Gabby passed away the latter part of Jan 2023. We think she had been sick for the last few months, as she had been slowly losing weight, but otherwise had no symptoms.

Feb 2023

Not much to report, Lee is working at Aqua Action Dive Center as an Instructor/ Divemaster and Beach Attendant while not diving. Every couple of weeks we take the boat out for a spin to dump the black water tank and work on boat projects – in this case the Autopilot. The autopilot is not behaving properly so we’ve been hand steering.

Mar 2023

Continuation of working at Aqua Action and some diving as we go. 3 notable events:

  1. Brownie completed dive #300

2. We finally got the autopilot commissioned. See the refit part of our webpage for the details

3. Lee received and started commissioning the replacement Olympus TG-6. First pictures (17 Mar 2023):

Arrowhead Crab
Feather Duster Worm
Smooth Trunk Fish