Refit – 2022

Home Refit – Refit 2022


  • Sugar Scoop around the swim platform
  • Lithium battery conversion
  • New Standing Rigging
    • Major updates to the running rigging
    • Replace all the mast related wiring
    • Replace all the mast accessories and adding new lights, a horn and a loud speaker
  • More electronics work focused on engine monitoring and better systems monitoring on other boat systems
  • Custom Fabrication
    • Move the RADAR mount to the Solar Arch
    • New top of mast mounts for Antennas, cameras, etc
    • Helm Station
  • New Asymmetric Spinnaker
  • New water maker control panel custom 3-D printed by our friend Colin
  • Bottom paint
  • Running gear maintenance

Phase 2a of the refit is now underway while we sit at anchor in the Annapolis, MD, harbor as we shake out all of this work and deal with items that we didn’t get quite right yet.


  • Electronics monitoring tuning and configuration
  • Replace the lenses in the 3 overhead hatches
  • Refinish hard dodger
  • Refit soft sides to the hard dodger
  • Replacing one of the electric winches
  • Continue to troubleshoot the windlass
  • Replace exhaust mixing elbow on engine which is cracked
  • we’re sure there will be more added to this list…

Phase 2b of the refit was done while waiting for the remnants of Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Nicole to pass us in Moorhead City, NC.

  • Replace the Depth/ Temp/ Waterspeed transducer
  • Replace the Sonar transducer
  • Install the new Autopilot
  • Fix the leak in the engine bay